Waist Beads for Weight Loss Stretchy African Waist Beads for Women Belly Beads Chain Plus Size with String and Charms

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? Design idea came from gorgeous African Waist Beads. Waist Beads are an perfect tool for women to feel more feminine and charming. Wearing beads for waist or wrist is an age-old tradition. They have been worn for body adornment, deification and decoration.
? These Belly beads are being used more and more as a way to control weight and shrink waist. As the beads get tighter, you know you’re gaining a few pounds. So you can nip that weight gain in the bud before you’re struggling to button your jeans.
? These beautiful waist beads are all handmade and each bead is threaded on a stretchy cord. 7 Pieces waist bead chain, varying styles can be freely matched. BEAD SIZE: 3mm & 4.5mm; ORIGINAL LENGTH: 31.5inches(fit 31.5-35.5 inches waist), 37.5 inches(fit 37.5-41.5 inches waist), 43.5 inches(fit 43.3-47 inches waist).

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