Cake Decorating Supplies Kit with Couplers

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Ultimate Professional Cake Decorating Set
Have you ever dreamt of making a fancy decorated cake or pie by yourself? Now you can do it!

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Ultimate Professional Cake Decorating Set

Have you ever dreamt of making a fancy decorated cake or pie by yourself? Now you can do it!

Why do our clients want to buy The Cake be cake decorating tools?

– Professionals want to buy a durable and handy icing kit. Pros appreciate the wide choice of tips and that they get everything that they need for an astonishing cake design in one set.

– Some our clients have some skills in icing, and they are looking for the best frosting tools to impress their guests with delicious and beautiful pastry.

– Parents or people buy gifts for kids. It’s so easy to use the kit, which is why children adore it! If you want to distract your little ones from their phones or tablets, the cupcake kit is your best choice! You and your children will remember the moments when you were decorating a cake together as a fun and productive pastime for years to come!

– Beginners buy the set because it’s really easy to use. The cake decorating kit is a perfect choice for those who want to master the Art of Icing in no time and with minimal effort.

What will you get when you buy the set?


Cake Decorating Supplies Kit Includes:

– 24 stainless dispenser steel tips that allow you to unleash your imagination and experiment with cupcake icing designs.

– 2 couplers allow you to switch tips if you want to use two at once with the same icing.

– A plastic box for the storage of the tips and couplers.

– 2 decorating bags which enable you to use two types of icing simultaneously.

– A cleaning brush to keep your tips perfectly clean.

Cake decorating tips guide. It will be useful for both professionals and those who want to become one.

– A box.The set comes in a pink and white stylish box.

All you need to do to get the Cakebe set in a few days is to click the “Add To Cart” button at the top right of this page.

ALL YOU NEED IS IN THIS SET. No need spending your precious time looking for the cake decorating supplies that you might need for creating your boldest cake designs. The Cakebe set includes the most necessary items that a baker needs for perfect cake decoration: 24 stainless steel tips, 2 couplers and 2 reusable silicone pastry bags This set includes open star, closed star, plain round, petal and leaf piping tips. All this stored in the cute plastic case.

IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS. It’s believed that beautiful pastry with fancy icing can be made only by people who have been trained for years. This isn’t true! With the Cakebe cake decorating kit for beginners, you can create a real masterpiece at home on your own! Just imagine the surprise of your husband or guests when you tell them that these lavish cupcakes were made by you! With this set, you can decorate baking goods and products with perfect flower compositions and other patterns.

FOR BOTH PROS AND A KIDS. While professionals will enjoy the possibilities of such a large number of tips, beginners will love the ease of creating a real “bake shop” cake design without any experience. Also, kids will adore the kit! Decorating a pie together with your child will be a happy and memorable experience for both of you.

CAKE DECORATING TIPS GUIDE. To make your purchase even more pleasant and useful, we have added some ideas to your baking toolbox.With your purchase, you get free tips and ideas, which are handy for everyone: professionals will find inspiration, while novices can start with these designs.

GIFT BOX.The Cakebe cake decorating supplies come in an attractive gift box. The set looks more expensive than it is, and you will feel great giving it as a present! Inside the gift box, you will find a plastic box with 24 tips, 2 couplers and 2 sky blue silicone piping bags. Also, there is a cleaning brush, which makes cleaning the tips a piece of cake!



















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