A Breakthrough System for Experiencing Youthful Vigor

Youthful Vigor

Experience A Youthful Vigor

Some enjoy a hearty breakfast whilst others enjoy the hearty meal …..

1: Wait for a truly earned appetite

– Become familiar with your body timetable. Some enjoy a hearty breakfast whilst others enjoy the hearty meal in the evening.

2: Select from the food

– Available that which appeals most to appetite, and in the order called for my appetite. Food available means that closest to its natural form. Probably in season and often on special at the supermarket, not the cheap chocolate bar at the cash register.

3: Get all the good taste

– There is in food out of it in the mouth, and swallow only when it practically “swallows itself”- Follow the basic processes of chewing and naturally swallowing. Remember the importance of peace and quiet whilst feeding the body at all times.

4: Enjoy the good taste

– For all it is worth, and do not allow any depressing or diverting thought to intrude on the ceremony – Maintain an attitude of gratitude as the prevailing mindset and if necessary eliminate any dominating thoughts of anger, depression, fear or confusion along with others trying to take control.

5: Wait, take and enjoy

– as much as possible what appetite approves. Nature will do the rest. Eating with these processes at the fore will allow true appetite to speak and provide an awareness of when to terminate the meal.

Almost 100 years ago this system worked wonders for Horace Fletcher. For five months Fletcher went on patiently observing and found out positively at that time he had been transformed and had lost upward of sixty pounds of fat. Health was the best in 20 years with a clear head, a springy body, “that tired feeling” was gone and enjoyment of exercise had become a new experience with not a single cold for five months.

His system – available in a free ebook from the link below – will work for you. Get the book and you’ll remember the day you read this and discovered a breakthrough system for experiencing youthful vigor.

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Anti-Aging – Going to War With Dehydroepiandrosterone


Take A War With Dehydroepiandrosterone

Several years ago, a friend of mine and I decided to experiment with DHEA… and oh boy were we surprised. Not only did the both of us feel so full of energy almost immediately we went on the supplement, we felt years younger. I’d never experienced this before, it was an amazing feeling. Knowing what I know now about the benefits of DHEA supplementation, I decided to write this article to help you understand a bit more what DHEA can do for you (like it did for me). If you’re over 25 and can’t figure out a way to reverse the aging process, you ought to read this article. Not only will you discover why DHEA is regarded as the fountain of youth, you will get tips on what DHEA supplements to take to help you look and feel young again.

What I found out about DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

What I found out about DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) levels peeking at age 21 and dropping off at the rate of 20% per decade thereafter, explains WHY the human body ages the way it does… with decreased energy, decreased fat burning ability, decreased vitality, and the dreaded onset of wrinkles. Whether your objective is to burn fat, increase muscle mass, or both – DHEA can help! The older you are, the more noticeable the positive effects of DHEA become. I’m living proof of that. It worked for me!

Produced naturally in our bodies by the adrenal glands, DHEA levels in the body are highest between the ages of 20-24 years, and begin to plummet from that point on! By age 80, it is estimated, DHEA levels are down to as little as 5%. That’s a drop of 95% from levels at age 20. Pitiful? Too right it is! So how do we reverse the aging process, as it were, to regenerate and revitalize the body? The solution is very simple. Top-up your DHEA!

It goes without saying, that as you age, medical problems increase. That said, and now that we know the drop in DHEA levels has everything to do with it, wouldn’t it be fair to say that when you top-up your DHEA with a good supplement your aging body stands to regenerate and revitalize so that the medical problems brought on by aging can be well and truly nipped in the bud? I’d be surprised if this reasoning didn’t make sense to you. It does make perfect sense, doesn’t it? Now let’s take a closer look at both the negatives and positives.

Supplementing with DHEA

Therefore, seems to make a lot of sense. Well, if you don’t want to degenerate into an old, decrepit, physically challenged individual the older you get, then you owe it to yourself to take simple measures to ward off the debilitating conditions associated with aging. The benefits of taking DHEA supplements, it would seem, do make it all worthwhile. DHEA works in conjunction with human growth hormone (HGH) to stimulate the production of more IGF-1, a key byproduct of HGH.

Contrary to negative speculation that DHEA can cause cancer, separate studies have shown that DHEA inhibits cancer cell growth. It also works to thin fatty deposits of the inner wall lining of arteries. Bodybuilders are convinced it helps them bulk up (increase muscle mass), and burn fat… hence aiding in weight-loss. However, these advantages decrease when DHEA is overdosed (just as vitamins become poisonous when too much of them are ingested), so when it comes to getting the most out of DHEA, moderation is key.

For men, the recommended dosages of DHEA supplementation range between 50-100mg per day (taken in the morning and evening), whereas, for women, it is recommended that they do not exceed 25mg per day. To be absolutely certain you know what you’re doing, AND to be safe, consult a physician before taking DHEA. Doctors have a way of checking your DHEA levels by taking a sample of your saliva for laboratory testing.

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