Tips on How to Remove Upper Lip Wrinkles

Upper Lip Wrinkles

Tips on Removing Upper Lip Wrinkles

Surely, we all agree that having upper lip wrinkles or wrinkles anywhere can be emotionally disturbing. But being upset is not going to solve the wrinkle problem. But here is what will. You'll like what you are about to find out.

Many False Promises

It seems that every skin care company has the 'perfect' answer to your wrinkle problems. Their formulas are supposed to remove, reduce or hide the upper lip wrinkles. Who wants to just hide wrinkles? I found only a few skin care products that actually work while most fall flat.

What most companies try to do is 'sell' the public on the notion that if you just smear on some cream, lotion or potion your problems disappear. What disappears it the product in the jar with your money. Skin care companies also try to convince us that if they put collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the jar or tube and you apply it according to directions you will be beautiful in the morning if not sooner.

Hogwash. Applying collagen or elastin on your skin will do nothing. You probably will smell better but that is not what the skin care concoction promised. What we need is not some 'miracle' in the jar that says your skin will be tighter, smoother and fresher.

Sure that is what we really do want: get rid of upper lip wrinkles and all the wrinkles. But there has to be a better approach; one that works-every-time.

So What Skin Care Formula Really Does Work?

First, let me mention something very important again. Putting on some 'magical mixture' on your skin that contains collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid will not work. Here is why: Those ingredients cannot penetrate into the skin because they are molecular to thick. But even if they could be absorbed by the skin, the body would reject them. They are the foreign object and the skin will not accept them.

The collagen, elastin and hyaluronic must be made by your body. It cannot be artificially induced to where it will be effective. So stop searching for the skin care formula that is the cure-all. You will never find what works very well in drug stores, high-end department store and not even in health food stores.

Here is what works: What the skin needs are a formula that promotes or encourages the body to do what it does best: make collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Because if the body makes it, it will be accepted and used. So what helps the skin to be encouraged to produce these ingredients?

To start with the skin care formula must have all, not part, natural ingredients that will treat upper lip wrinkles. Ingredients like waxes, oils, and extracts that come from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs. For example, these natural selections work very well when put in skin care formulas: avocado oil, Capuacu butter, active New Zealand Manuka honey, Maracuja passion fruit extract, Babassu wax, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract.

What these ingredients will do is give your body and skin the essential fatty acids it requires. Also, they have antioxidants that combat the dreaded free radical gang.

I could go on and highlight the benefits of all of these natural ingredients and what they do for the body and I do on my website but for now, let me emphasize this.

If you put any synthetic glob on your skin or inject any solution into your skin, you will probably be disappointed and soon broke. Broke more in the heart than in the bank.

I did run across a company that has great products. They are safe and natural and they work. No to be a commercial but I believe in passing on what has worked. Thanks for listening. Now if you want to safely get rid of upper lip wrinkles read the next paragraph and check it out.

And now please visit the XtendSkinCare website listed below for updated information on upper lip wrinkles.


Top 10 Anti-Aging Tips That Fits For Everyone

Top Anti-Aging Tips

There are many ways to fight aging, but the best ways are the most basic - exercise, eating a good diet and being aware of the best ways to fight the ticking hands of time.

Let's look at some of the 10 best ways to fight aging. These anti-aging tips are easy to put into practice right away.

Low GI diet

Always try to eat foods that are at the low end of the glycemic index. These are foods that are more satiating and do not raise your blood sugar level. When you eat these foods, you help to keep your hunger at bat, which ultimately helps you to control your weight.

High antioxidant diet

Eating a diet that's high in antioxidants can do wonders for your skin. Antioxidants attack the free radicals that are seeking to attack your skin. They knock those back so your skin can stay clear and young looking.

Eat foods high in antioxidants like berries, peppers, spinach and tea.

Dr. Perricone Diet

This diet, which followers and Dr. Nicholas Perricone claim can reduce the signs of aging and help your body to age better over the long term, consists of a lot of salmon, plenty of leafy green vegetables and green tea. It's similar to a "whole" diet in that the food is simply prepared and from whole sources. No processed foods are allowed.


It's hard to get away from this, is not it? But no matter how much we resist, studies have shown that exercise helps to keep us limber, toned and better able to handle the demands of aging.

Stress reduction

Learning to handle stress is critical to aging well. That is, when you do not handle stress well it shows on your face. You might suffer more wrinkles, or you might simply look haggard. Experts say that learning how to handle stress can help you to look and feel better as you age.

Stress reduction and learning how to manage stress is also critical because stress can raise blood pressure and that can lead to a host of other health ailments.

Antiaging Creams

It's not just about lotions and potions. These days, a lot of research and good science goes into the making of high-quality wrinkle and antiaging creams. You can find creams that will reduce the look of wrinkles, that will actually reduce wrinkles, and those that firm and tighten your skin. Some creams do all of these. A good cream can do wonders in your efforts to look and feel younger.

Hair makeover

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. Not changing your hairstyle is one way that's quite common. You had a great hairstyle many years ago which flattered you and you believe it's still flattering. But many years later, it might not be the best hairstyle.
A hair makeover, then, can do wonders for lightening up your face, and making you look younger.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is a youth killer. It's through sleep that the body heals itself and during sleep, your skin and cells rejuvenate. Not getting enough sleep can lead to premature wrinkles, lagging energy and an overall feel and look of fatigue.

Wear make-up correctly

As with hair, too often we wear the same makeup we wore when we were younger but as you get older, you have to apply makeup with a lighter and more delicate hand. There are many products that are designed to reduce the look of aging, and many more that will provide a light and airy touch.

Do not use products with SLS

SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate and it's found in a wide variety of shampoos and other personal care products. It's also a degreaser and harsh chemical that some believe can damage your skin and possibly cause cancer.

These days it's not hard to find products that do not contain SLS. To stick with your personal desire to age well and gracefully, it's best to stay away from products containing SLS.

Aging well, as you can see, is nothing more than following some basic rules of life. That is, eat right, take care of your body and skin and avoid unnecessary additives and chemicals in the food you eat and the products you use.

The Best Anti-Aging Insider Secrets For You

Insider Secrets

Anti-Aging Insider Secrets

Get back those years of believing you had no control over your quality of life and just had to allow yourself to be swept along in the decline too many people call the "aging process".

The following suggestions will help you regain a higher quality of life and make you a blessing to all as you come out of retirement expecting a more abundant life.

You Can Choose to Rename Negative Events as Positive Events

You can divide life experience into positive and negative events. One contributor to the aging process is feeling down on yourself - every day.

You can stop that by telling yourself you have control over every day. Without thinking about it you give every event a certain level of power by letting it have a certain meaning.

A key insider secret is that when you choose to change the meaning you give to an event, you change its power over you.

Even the event of losing a loving one can give a new meaning as you celebrate your life with them.

And the fond memories no one can take from you. In so doing you rob depression of its power to put you in a downward spiral aging faster than ever. You attach this positive meaning to every experience and forever change your outlook on life and the people in your life.

You Can Tell Others You've to Decide to See The Positive

Once you've mastered the art of changing the meaning of negative events into positive ones the next step is to put a stop to all the negative values that loved ones pin on you. They will often protest that they want you to grow old gracefully.

You need to rise up on the inside and let them know you have decided to see the positive side of everything. Be sure they understand you view maturity as a process of improving - like fine wine.

Tell them that every day you exercise your God-given naming rights over your life. Quote them the verse - "This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it and be glad"

The truth is you have the right to have a good day every day.

Your plan for Choosing to Rename the negative Events and, Telling Loved Ones You've to Decide to See the Positive in All Experiences can be easily followed. But you'll have to be diligent. Keep it up every day

Following these suggestions will make sure you control the aging process and get a reward with a vastly improve quality of life.