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Casual and Stylish Clothes
Casual and Stylish Clothes to Keep You Comfy

Casual and Stylish Clothes For Women to Keep You Looking Chic And Comfortable At Home

Are you sitting comfortably in your oversized hoodie, baggy pants, extra large shirt or maybe casual dress?
Are you like me in this quarantine situation? Wardrobe that used to be buried in our closets, has found it’s way to the very top and is currently enjoying it’s 15 minutes of fame.

In the past few months, we’ve been actively putting away our fancy clothes and jumping right into baggy and comfortable pieces of clothing. Living in self-isolation changed the way people dress, they are no longer spending hours and hours on dressing up, instead, they are leaning into what feels cozy and comfortable. Simplicity and comfort became a key in everyday life.

What Do We Recommend When It Comes to Casual Dresses For Women?

Casual Dresses For Women
Since you are spending so much time at home, we assume you want to keep things casual. Whether you’re looking for a new dress for work from home, or you just want to feel relaxed and cozy, but yet pretty while quarantined, there are some fun and fabulous maxi, midi and sweatshirt dresses that will refresh your casual wardrobe. Made of cotton, linen or soft rayon fabric, they are screaming comfort.

Dress With Short Sleeves
GRECERELLE Loose Pocket Maxi Dress with Short Sleeves
Today, we are sharing with you this stunning floral maxi dress which can be such a great wardrobe addition for spring and summer. Ultra-comfy, you will enjoy wearing it at home, and then you’ll realize it’s chic enough to wear in public after the quarantine ends.

The look of maxi dresses is so flowy and better for night time when it gets a little chilly and you’d like your legs covered. Shoe possibilities are endless. With high-heels or sneakers, and even slippers, it delivers a perfect combination of casual and yet stylish outfit.

Made of deliciously soft rayon and spandex it is the best choice for chilling at home. This maxi dress is a feast of florals with short sleeves. With fully functional side pockets where you won’t worry about stashing essential items it is a real game changer. If you’ve been searching for a comfortable and flattering dress search no more! Wearing it with confidence and attitude, you will look beautiful and absolutely flawless.
Time For Casual Hoodie

NUTEXROL Thickening Long Fleece Sweatshirt Dress
Are you a fan of oversized hoodies, aka, sweatshirt dresses? The NUTEXROL sweatshirt dress, a star style for all year, is definitely a great option to make you look chic. The best thing about it is that it’s so comfortable and easy to pull off and you don’t need to have the fittest body to look amazing in it. With soft, snuggly and warm inside, it combines both comfort and practicality.

This ’’must have’’ relaxed sweatshirt dress is made of double skin-friendly material: cotton and polyester; and it comes with a sturdy tie. The pockets are very functional and in the right place. The ribbing around the cuffs and the side slits reflect the quality of garment.
It’s stylish and feminine yet still with a huge comfort factor. This look will let you explore with your add – ons, so have fun and let your hair, makeup and accessories do the talking. Along with the actual warmth and coziness, you will get yourself an outfit you can wear the whole day – from bed, to work from home or Netflix & Chill.
Midi Dress With Pocket Time

OUGES Long Sleeve V Neck Button Midi Dress with Pockets
Versatile. Casual. Easy to wear. Midi dress is probably the best dress style in the whole world. It fits every body shape and yes, it comes in a billion of styles for every occasion, you can even go from one event to completely another wearing the same dress. This casual and also comfortable look will keep you feeling productive while working from home.

Not too short, not too long – OUGES dress is the definition of feminine sophistication mixed with a dash of classy vibe. Made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex breathable fabric which is perfect to wear all year long, especially in spring and colder summer nights. With useful sized pockets on both sides, your hands are free to change the world.

The buttons made of wood are just for decoration, so you do not need to worry about something showing through gaps. It comes in many color choices and you can choose between sleeveless option or with sleeves.
Afraid of showing too much, but don’t want to cover yourself up too much, either – midi dresses are a perfect solution. Make the best out of your time during the quarantine and enjoy yourself wearing extremely comfortable, wearable and yet fashionable and flattering clothes.

Drawstring Jumpsuit with pockets, short sleeves & deep V neck- Another good example of comfortable casual jumpsuits for women.
Have you ever asked yourself ’’Is it worth getting dressed up to stay at home?’’. For those days when you want to be less anxious and feel more powerful by changing your ’’quarantine clothing’’, casual jumpsuits are your best bet.

Even if it maybe seems unnecessary to talk about what those of us stuck at home are wearing in dark times like these, for so many of us, clothes can be our light in the dark. Just because you are spending the day at home it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Soft and lightweight, stylish and comfy, jumpsuits are truly a win-win.

Cotton and polyester jumpsuit is not only soft, but it also feels like falling asleep on a cloud. Rocking in the fashion world since 70’s, you can’t ever go wrong with jumpsuit. They are practical and glamorous, showing your charming style and feel absolutely amazing on your skin.

It’s a style that never goes out of fashion and it’s a must for every girl with busy life, who still wants to be both comfortable and fashionable. Pair with sneakers, heels or sandals you will come out of this self – isolation feeling more beautiful and more confident. With the drawstring waist and pockets, this soft jumpsuit is one you’ll never want to take off and with 0% effort you will get 100% cuteness.

Casual Tops For Women

MIHOLL Short Sleeve V – Neck Casual Shirt-Good example of Casual Tops For Women
Now, when we are confronted with a ‘’work from home’’ situation, it is clear that many of us need more comfort in our lives. Comfort is understandably a first priority, but it doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style and always stay in old pajamas or sweaters. Shirts are naturally one of most comfortable clothes and they can balance wearability, function and trend.

So, are you ready to get out from your quarantine uniform and lighten up the mood with this baggy and impossibly cute shirt? The comfiest shirt in all the land, comes up in variety of colors with an eye-catching design. The fabric is soft and thick well enough to not be see-through. With the cuffed sleeves it has this posh look and the little pocket adds an interesting detail. You will finally be ready to return those “borrowed” boyfriend shirts after getting your hands on this one.

This oversized MIHOLL T – Shirt is a great way to stay in, while keeping your comfort meter high. Nothings says ‘’casual’’ better than shirts. Since it is oversized, it can be worn in many ways like tucked in the front or off to the side. A casual shirt is easy to maintain and it can help in improving your look without too much effort. As we are all familiar with “business on top, casual on bottom” look, this shirt is something that will make that look and working from home so great.

High Neck Casual Top

THANTH Sleeveless Strap High Neck Casual Top
Summer is coming and whether you’re going to spend the season still quarantined at home or chilling by the lake, you will appreciate new sleeveless and comfortable summer tops which will revolutionize your closet. Cool and attractive combination of stylish design and oh-so cozy cotton fabric make this top an ideal option. Styled for a day full of work from home, sitting on the terrace or even having a nap on the sofa, one thing is for sure – in this top you will always be comfy.

The comfortable stylish clothes are a timeless addition to any woman’s closet collection. And this THANTH top is feminine, flirty and so soft, aka, a must have for all fashion enthusiasts. It looks very cute paired with any clothing as it gives a classy feel to it. We’re sure that you’ll be overflowed with compliments while wearing it.

Made of high quality soft and flowy cotton and additional panel around the chest this top is not see-through. You can machine wash it, without worrying about colorfastness and shrinking. It is a cool look to match with either pants, shorts or skirt. Also, it is available in so many colors for you to choose and match with your favorite pieces of clothing.

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