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Amazingly Good Organic Blush 2019

Amazingly Good Powder Blush 2019

For some time now, I’ve been using powder blush to hide my awfully pale complexion. Since I rarely have the time and opportunity to get some sunshine on my face, I resort to the best organic powder blush. It doesn’t just give life to my face; it also puts a halt on my breakouts and irritations. Most of the ingredients are natural which means less pharmaceutical substances that will cause harsh reactions on my skin.

Not to discount popular brands that can perk up a dead look, some of it doesn’t just work in terms of preventing acne.

Sure thing, there are cream and powder blushes. However, the former becomes less appealing due to the sticky feeling and nasty blending. When it comes to powder ones, you only need a brush and you control the thickness and coverage without getting your hands messy. In all fairness, powder blushes also provide a more natural finish with a less oily feeling.

On this beauty products review, I rounded up four of the best natural blush products from up-and-coming brands.

BaeBlu Organic Face Pressed Powder Blush

BaeBlu Organic Face Pressed Powder Blush

It’s possible that you haven’t heard of BaeBlu yet, but their organic pressed powder blush is something you should try. I also have my doubts at first since it’s a new kid on the block. But given their all natural makeup ingredients and cruelty-free process, it’s hard to resist. Some of the nourishing ingredients are jojoba oil, oregano extract, grapeseed oil, lavender, and vitamin E.

I must admit, it’s more expensive than the L’Oreal product I used to have, but this one gave me a more natural feel. BaeBlu doesn’t have any artificial preservatives and is completely vegan. For whatever purpose it will serve you, this product doesn’t have gluten as well.

The BaeBlu powder blush comes in three colors and I personally prefer the Dusty Rose shade. It has a dull pink color that accentuates my cheeks without giving me the cake face.

The consistency is lightweight and a bit creamy but I still advise that you put this on with a thin amount to achieve a natural look. By the way, this is unscented and may bear a light hint of crayon. Still, it’s not a deal-breaker for me.

100% Pure Strawberry Powder Blush

100% Pure Strawberry Powder Blush

Now, if you’re looking for added sparkle and shimmer, I’ll recommend the 100% Pure Powder Strawberry Blush. It also bears natural ingredients and colored with fruit antioxidants. It’s an interesting fact for me and I’m impressed by how pigmented this is even without the addition of artificial chemicals. A little swab on the brush goes a long way on my face.

Ditching the synthetic dyes is a plus point for me together with the matte finish. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m obsessed with everything matte. Also, this is amazingly natural that it can beat my best organic blush 2017 pick. It was able to achieve a nice blush look through various organic butter like cocoa and avocado with the addition of papaya pigments and more skin-pampering stuff.

If you have sensitive skin that’s prone to allergies and breakouts, I can say that the 100% Pure Powder is safe. A lot of other users also attest to this.

In terms of shades, this blush powder comes in eight different colors, mostly nude. I personally like Mauvette and Pink Plum for contouring. The bright pink colors are also great but avoid overdoing it or you’ll like your face smashed in a vat of paint.

Better’n Ur Cheek Organic Mineral Powder Blush

Better’n Ur Cheek Organic Mineral Powder Blush

Talc has gained a bad reputation due to numerous reports that prolonged exposure and inhalation can cause respiratory issues. And if you’re worried about this too, you’ll find the Better’n Ur Cheek a treasure. They are 75% organic (I love honesty) and certified to be free of talc, palm, paraben, and GMOs.

The manufacturer of this product claims to use essential oils and botanical ingredients. All these will be beneficial in nourishing your skin aside from putting color to it. They are also cruelty-free and take pride in their Leaping Bunny certification. With that, I’m impressed.

The finish of the Better’n Ur Cheek is smooth and silky. If you don’t overdo it, the powder should have a matte and light feel – not cakey. The natural organic blush comes in three different colors: Cinnabar, Dusty Rose, and Flush. I like three all of them due to the nude undertones. If ever you got the wrong color (don’t worry, it happens, dear), just send it back to them and they will allow you to replace. Just make sure that you haven’t used it yet.

Real Purity Powder Blush

powder blush | Real Purity Powder Blush

If you want the best organic blush 2018 that’s not limited to a few colors, you’ll never go wrong with the Real Purity Powder Blush. It’s also free of cruelty, talc, and paraben and is highly pigmented with the use of natural iron oxide and mica.

There are not much product offerings on the Real Purity brand but they compensate their small collection with safety and non-toxic ingredients. With that alone, I have nothing to complain since there are tons of other brands out there that I can explore.

And like what I said, they have a wide range of colors, 11 to be exact. From nude to bold, you’ll have your loot here. I personally like the Parfait color if I want to add a light, pinkish glow to my face and the Peachwood one if I’m in the mood to contour.

Even if you’re not a heavy make-up user, you’ll like their collections and might consider buying more than one color.

Have you found the best organic blush powder to suit your complexion and style? If you’re also starting to switch to more environmental-friendly cosmetics, you can start with these options. You don’t have to buy all of them at once or throw your current beauty kit away. One product at a time and you’ll soon have a well-rounded collection that will give you the glow-up you’re looking for.

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