About Us

We are Wrinkled and we sell a bunch of products. Wrinkled sell not only ordinary products that you see on the markets every day. Our shop offer unique and useful stuff that will ensure to provide you the superb convenience and satisfaction.

We want you to experience the best and high-quality products that we offer. We value everyone and that’s why we are here to distribute the goods that will certainly make your life much more exciting, easier, and of course, better than before.

Moreover, Wrinkled offers beauty products that’ll allow you to appear prettier and younger. With these, you can’t help but feel fresher and lovelier than you are right now. The purpose of our beauty products, which include: cosmetics to tools, hair to nail for women and men, is to provide you the confidence you need that you’ll get through these products.

Furthermore, we also offer new gadgets as we want you to keep up and be a part of the latest trends. And these are high-quality gadgets that will surely satisfy you and your loved ones. In addition, Wrinkled has something for your lovely automobiles, too. Through this, your beloved car will be more stylish and safe because of our automotive accessories.

But we’re not stopping yet – we’ve got something for your health too. We believe that wealth is health. And by taking care of your health, you are more likely to spend less. And that’s what we are going to assist you with.

From beauty products, new gadgets, automotive stuff, and health – we have almost everything you need that will help you look and feel better about yourself, your health, and your car. Keep in mind that all products we offer are 100% safe and brand new.

This is because we want you to experience the ultimate fulfillment in our hands. And we know, that through our service, you’ll feel a complete satisfaction!

168 Jerusalem Avenue, Hempstead NY 11550